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What Oxon said up there.

by Quiet Yid on 10 June 2021 02:36PM


I agree with the sentiment that golf is just a nice walk with mates ruined. - by Crowley Once threw his lob wedge up into an Oak tree and left it there. - 10 June 2021 03:53PM
bore off mate - by Mil - 10 June 2021 02:54PM
The golf version of the way they wear their trousers - by Dougal - 10 June 2021 02:46PM
Have they got Gold by Spandau Ballet? - by JonnieB - 10 June 2021 02:44PM
PARKLIFE! - by Oxon - 10 June 2021 02:34PM
What Oxon said up there. - by Quiet Yid - 10 June 2021 02:36PM


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