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He's going to have to pull a deal out of his arse sharpish then.

by RJM on 09 October 2019 04:32PM


Boris Johnson apparently promising not go into the general election promising no deal. - by RJM large pinch of salt and all that - 09 October 2019 04:07PM
When we leave the EU on 31/10, what will change? Cos i have done NO paperwork for this. - by Mil hopes you all self immolate on the way home tonight. - 09 October 2019 04:21PM
hes said we will. - by Mil - 09 October 2019 04:29PM
He's told the courts otherwise - by gdp - 09 October 2019 04:37PM
He's going to have to pull a deal out of his arse sharpish then. - by RJM - 09 October 2019 04:32PM
He's full of shit. They all are. - by Glassy - 09 October 2019 04:31PM
He is a compulsive, serial liar though. At the same time is probably promising the ERG the exact opposite. - by c-spur doesn't really think a deal exists that can solve the Irish border issue - 09 October 2019 04:16PM
I don't think it is simple though is it? As that basically has part of the UK subject to EU law. - by c-spur thinks it's time for the rest of the UK to cut England loose - 09 October 2019 04:29PM
That’s what it takes - by muswell - 09 October 2019 04:45PM
Something about the DUP, and the ERG as well? nt - by fishlovinyid - 09 October 2019 04:29PM
I think you'll find he very much would like a no deal. - by RJM - 09 October 2019 04:19PM
I really think you're wrong about that - by Jon - 09 October 2019 04:13PM


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