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Curiosity >>>

by Bingo Mo on 14 June 2019 06:34PM

Everybody is different mate, of course. I was never a regular drinker. Probably 2 or 3 times a month at most. Problem was, when I go out, I go absolutely nuts. And it’s just got worse over the years. As has the effect on my health, physical and mental. I managed extended periods off booze quite easily. Two months last summer, for example. But as soon as I went back on it, I went even more mental.

I got to a point a few months back where a few things happened and I knew how to quit. “Rock bottom” is the corny phrase. It wasn’t that in any circumstantial sense. Just in terms of my own feelings and view of myself. The following weekend I went to London, knowing I wanted to stop, but didn’t have the strength at that point.

Initially I stayed away from situations that would tempt me but, in reality, it took less than two months to feel like I could go back to doing whatever I want to do, just without drink. Friends birthdays, work dinners, Tottenham .... all fine. What’s really fucked up is I realize now that I had a feeling of dread every time I went out. Because I knew a week of no energy and self loathing lay ahead. Bizarrely I look forward to a nice dinner or event more now, cos I know my bank balance is barely going to move and I’ll be at the gym 6am the next morning

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I don’t still have issues. It doesn’t magic every aspect of life together, and I’m not claiming it does. But I’m three months in, almost 3 stone down, and feel tremendous. The other week I got my weekly revolut financial summary. I’d spent 60 euros the whole week haha


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