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by Bingo Mo on 12 June 2019 09:55AM


Call me old school, but I cannot bear to see women fighting, doesn't sit right with me. (nt) - by MisterT has stopped many girl fights, has fucked zero kids. - 12 June 2019 10:00AM
I enjoy them. Concussion helps my pulling skills - by Joeboy - 12 June 2019 10:02AM
kids or women fighting? - by ruff - 12 June 2019 10:19AM
confirmed - by Bingo Mo - 12 June 2019 09:55AM
I am absolutely convinced, CONVINCED, that my wife of nearly 10 years is passingly fond of me - by JonnieB likes her too, off and on - 12 June 2019 09:34AM
Yes you and Pipey are the exception - by Bingo Mo - 12 June 2019 09:38AM
I'll add it to the notes #mymate - by Bingo Mo - 12 June 2019 09:43AM
Haha, amen - by Bim - 12 June 2019 09:33AM


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