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Because that is *really* viable in the current system

by Jon on 14 September 2021 03:40PM


How many is lots? - by Wobbly , doesn’t think too many people let others know they’re doing this - 14 September 2021 01:00PM
Gosh how terrifying being called back into work with 7 days notice - by Dafyd Ginola - 14 September 2021 03:03PM
Can't we retrain them to stop immigrants landing their boats on the Kent and Sussex coast? - by Dougal - multiple problem solver - 14 September 2021 01:15PM
A total lack of interest - by Jon - 14 September 2021 01:40PM
Then you can't complain - by Dougal - 14 September 2021 01:43PM
Start a new party then - by Dafyd Ginola save the trees when your marketing comes through the front door - 14 September 2021 03:05PM
Because that is *really* viable in the current system - by Jon also pointing out we've done this within the last week - 14 September 2021 03:40PM
Perfect to retrain for an HGV license then no? - by Skipper - 14 September 2021 12:51PM


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