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Did I?

by Twoleggedgroovemachine on 10 June 2021 11:54PM


Not like our other centre halves - by Dougal - 11 June 2021 06:19AM
He was going to be our Ruben Dias :D - by ruff *cheers Hitch* - 11 June 2021 12:17AM
Did I? - by Twoleggedgroovemachine Knows you can pull it up from the search function. So go on - 10 June 2021 11:54PM
Bloody hell you black out a lot, do you? It was less than two weeks ago - by Steve the Gillie Calls Al-Anon - 11 June 2021 12:06AM
Less than 2 weeks ago? - by Twoleggedgroovemachine - 11 June 2021 12:09AM
Well the group can wait until it is a right time for you. Hope all is OK? - by Twoleggedgroovemachine - 11 June 2021 12:17AM
Says the dickhead that posts 24 hours a day - by ruff - 11 June 2021 12:15AM


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